Breach of Trademark Offences and new Guidelines

The City of London Police Force (Economic Crime Unit) together with the Specialist Fraud Division instructed Mr Nadim Bashir to prosecute the infringement of both the Apple Inc and Samsung brand trademarks by a Mobile Telephone wholesaler and retailer in West Yorkshire over a 7 year period by selling counterfeit batteries passing them off as original or genuine branded mobile telephone batteries manufactured by Apple and Samsung.

Naomi McLoughlin appears at Inquest into the death of Adam Stanmore

The Inquest considered the actions of multiple agencies who were involved with Adam Stanmore after he had been arrested and tasered by police on 18 May 2019. Mr Stanmore was taken to the custody suite where paramedics were then called due to his low blood sugar. During the journey to hospital, Mr Stanmore asked to leave the ambulance. He was later found by police in the area but wa then reported missing four days later.