Anastasis Tasou

Year of call:

2022 (Solicitor: 1998)


1994 - Leicester University: BA Law 2.1

1995 - The College of Law Legal Practice Course: Commendation


1995 - Trainee Solicitor at Bradbury, Roberts and Raby, Scunthorpe

1998 - Assistant solicitor at Martin & Haigh Solicitors, Scunthorpe

1999 - Assistant Solicitor at Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors, Dewsbury

2000 - Assistant Solicitor at Paul Hinds & Co Solicitors, Leeds

2002 - Associate Solicitor and in-house Higher Court Advocate at Musa Patel & Co, Dewsbury

2012 - Associate Solicitor and in-house Higher Court Advocate at Qamar Solicitors, Dewsbury

2017 - Freelance Higher Court Advocate

2020 - Associate Solicitor and in-house Higher Court Advocate at Carr & Co Solicitors, Huddersfield

2022 - Tenant at Park Square Barristers


Solicitor’s Association of Higher Court Advocates

North Eastern Circuit

Anastasis brings a wealth of experience to chambers having specialised in criminal law for the past 24 years and practiced as a Higher Court Advocate for 21 of those years.

After being admitted as a solicitor in 1998, Anastasis has specialised exclusively in crime and defended in cases of all size, complexity and seriousness. He has worked alongside senior juniors and Queen’s Counsel but also led junior members of the Bar and defended solo in cases prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel.

Anastasis is well known and well regarded by fellow professionals and judges alike, having practiced daily before Crown Courts up and down the country. His experience as a solicitor has provided him with the analytical and interpersonal skills to make a highly effective advocate. He is well known for his tenacity, as a fearsome opponent and his willingness to always go the extra mile for his clients, reflecting in the very high success record that he has enjoyed for many years.