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Caroline Wigin

Year of call:
Exeter University, Law
Pupil at Park Court Chambers, Leeds
Tenant at New Park Court Chambers
No 6, Leeds
No 6 becomes Park Square Barristers
Part-time judge of the Social Entitlement Chamber
Recorder (Crime) Recorder (Family)
Authorised for Deprivation of Liberty in the Court of Protection
Grade 4 prosecutor
Specialist rape prosecutor
Advocacy trainer
Assessor for BPP of the CPS
North Eastern Circuit
Criminal Bar Association

Caroline Wigin has practised in criminal law since 1985, prosecuting or defending, specialising in sex crime and the most serious physical abuse of children. She is an advocacy trainer and an assessor for BPP of the CPS.

Serious crimes against children

Caroline’s cases have involved professionals accused of child abuse against those in their care, including headmasters, police officers and doctors. She also handles indecent-image cases involving technical evidence. Caroline has particular experience in relation to the scalding and burning of young children and the effects of shaking on babies.

She has recently been involved in cases where street-grooming has been alleged against ethnic-minority men; allegations of rape against groups of 12-13 year olds (with a complainant aged 12); a complainant aged 4 relating events which occurred when he was 2; a child in a fugue state, suffering from PTSD; a mother accused of beating her child with a meat tenderiser; grievous bodily harm through stabbing, scalding, and multiple injuries (with both parents accused); poisoning (with several family members accused); and cases involving witchcraft.

“In the interests of her clients, Caroline will work outside normal working hours and out of area.”

Other serious crime cases

She has acted in a wide range of other serious crime cases, including rape; domestic violence; a serious attack within a family (categorised as an ‘honour crime’); and a case involving an elective-mute complainant.

Caroline also handles financial crime and robbery and burglary.


Caroline is particularly concerned about continuity of care for her clients, and will therefore work outside normal working hours and out of area. Thanks to her extensive experience of care work, she is able to deal swiftly with any difficulties arising from disclosure of care papers into criminal proceedings, and vice versa.

Contact Caroline’s clerks

Andrew Thornton on 0113 213 5202

Gina Hawkins on 0113 213 5205

Rebecca Wilson on 0113 213 5203

Hannah Dempsey on 0113 213 5211

Caroline Wigin has considerable experience in cases where both the care and criminal prosecution system are involved.

She has been junior counsel for the local authority in a 3-month hearing involving complex medical issues where there was also a potential  criminal prosecution. Caroline has assisted local authority social workers regarding the disclosure of sensitive matters into criminal proceedings.

Recently she represented children in care whose sibling had died through parental neglect, when it was sought to call them as witnesses in the well-publicised trial of their mother. Caroline made representations in the criminal proceedings and was successful in obtaining judicial approval for the children not being called.

Sexual & physical abuse of children

She has conducted many cases, both for parents and local authorities, where allegations of sexual and physical abuse have been made. Caroline is familiar with complex medical issues, including burns, multiple fractures and poisoning. She has also dealt with cases involving witchcraft, torture and female genital mutilation (FGM).

Notable cases

Re V (children) (adoption proceedings: suitability of long-term fostering) [2013] EWCA Civ 913

“Caroline is particularly concerned about continuity of care for her clients.”

Contact Caroline’s clerks

Claudine Cooper on 0113 202 8604

Paul Foster on 0113 213 5209

Caroline Wigin specialises in financial-remedy cases involving small businesses such as fish and chip shops, caravan sites and, in particular, family farms.

Acting for husband or wife, she is familiar with constructing agreements to enable the best use of all assets – in particular, where farms are held either by family trusts or other arrangements for multiple ownership.

Caroline has recently conducted several cases for unmarried couples under the TOLATA legislation, the majority of which have been brought to a satisfactory negotiated conclusion, thereby saving significant hearing costs.

Contact Caroline’s clerks

Claudine Cooper on 0113 202 8604

Paul Foster on 0113 213 5209

Caroline Wigin will act in Court of Protection matters.

She has acted for a mother of Pakistani origin whose child had significant special needs and where the father sought to deny the mother contact with the child. The case required several hearings, in which Caroline offered consistency of representation and eventually succeeded in obtaining regular contact for the mother.

Contact Caroline’s clerks

Claudine Cooper on 0113 202 8604

Paul Foster on 0113 213 5209

Several times a month between 2009 and 2013, Caroline Wigin presented to the Interim Orders Panel of the General Medical Council.

Caroline built a reputation for the succinct analysis of often complex medical issues and for a strong understanding of the professional demands of the modern doctor.

The cases she presented ranged from serious sexual allegations to repeated clinical failures.

Caroline understands the importance of consistency of approach balanced with the need to consider individual circumstances.

Contact Caroline’s clerks

Madeleine Gray on 0113 202 8603

Patrick Urbina on 0113 213 5250