Charlotte Baines

Year of call:

2000 (Door Tenant)


1999 - University of Hull LLB (Hons) Law & Politics

2000 - Nottingham Law School BVC (Very Competent)


2000 - Pupil at Wilberforce Barristers, Hull

2001 - Tenant at Wilberforce Barristers, Hull

2011 - Junior of the North Eastern Circuit

2015 - Accredited Advocacy Trainer

2016 - Level 4 Prosecutor

2017 - Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Training Facilitator

2023 - Pupillage Officer, North Eastern Circuit

2024 - Door Tenant – Park Square Barristers


2009 - Pupil Supervisor

2011 - RASSO panel


North Eastern Circuit

Criminal Bar Association

Women in Criminal Law


2023 - Certificate of Commendation, Specialist Command Humberside Police

Charlotte has a wealth of experience prosecuting and defending in serious crime. Her practice encompasses murder, fatal road traffic offences, serious violence, conspiracies involving drugs and dishonesty, firearms offences, serious sexual offences.

Charlotte is recognised as a highly capable advocate and for her ability to engage with clients from all backgrounds. She has a down to earth approach that enables a positive rapport to be built with lay and professional clients.

Charlotte is a very experienced trial advocate. She is particularly skilled at finding the right balance required in dealing with sensitive, traumatic and often complex evidence and effective cross examination. She is an expert in the presentation of such evidence to a jury in a comprehensible and pragmatic manner. Charlotte has significant and invaluable experience in the cross examination of vulnerable and child witnesses and conducting section 28 hearings.

“Charlotte has a fearlessness about her that means she will always act in a manner that puts her professional and lay client first. A force to be reckoned with.” The Legal 500 (2024)

“Charlotte is a robust, fearsome and talented barrister. She is intellectually astute, confident nad engaging and will stand her ground in court. Her sense of judgement with a jury is excellent.” The Legal 500 (2023)

“An efficient and incisive advocate with power and style in equal measure. Her judgement is exceptional. She is first rate in both prosecuting and defending. Her cross-examination is very high quality” The Legal 500 (2022)


Charlotte has acted as a leading junior in complex cases involving care home abuse, Organised Crime Groups and sexual offending.

She has a breadth and depth of experience in dealing with expert evidence in areas such as pathology, DNA, forensic accounting, drugs analysis, medical evidence, and cell site analysis.

Charlotte is well known for her empathetic and understanding approach in cases where witnesses or clients are vulnerable and labour under mental health difficulties. She recognises the complexities that can often arise and is confident in dealing with the challenges such cases can bring. She has advised on psychiatric issues, dealt with experts prior to court attendances and cross examined psychiatrists. She has conducted fitness to plead and fact-finding hearings on behalf of both the Prosecution and the Defence.

Charlotte is happy to advise at the pre-charge stage of cases for the Prosecution and Defence. She appreciates that continuity in representation is very important and is always willing to hold pre-trial conferences and meetings as part of the case preparation process.


Notable cases:

R v Harris (2023) – Murder: Instructed by defence. Defendant was accused of participation with 3 others, in brutal and prolonged attack involving sadistic torture of victim. Defence at trial lack of intention to cause really serious harm and re: manslaughter duress. Secured only acquittal. Led by Peter Moulson KC

R v Campbell (2023) – Prosecuted Defendant for stranger rapes and attempted rape. Advised significantly on presentation of evidence including extensive CCTV footage, comparison imagery and scene photographs. Attempted rape was a victimless prosecution. Convictions on all counts. Defendant sentenced to life imprisonment.

R v Robinson (2023) – Instructed by Prosecution. Pre-meditated and planned murder for payment. Defendant carried out reconnaissance in days leading up to the day of fatal stabbing in street, extensive CCTV and media evidence, comparison imagery work. Conviction secured.

Operation Antares – (2022 and ongoing) Leading junior in defence of registered nurse charged with wilful neglect said to have resulted in death of two residents.

Operation Copperfield – (2021 and 2022) – Leading Junior in prosecution of OCG involved in stealing, handling and dismantling high-end motor vehicles Complex case involved spilt trials due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

R v Kendall (2021) – Successful prosecution concerning sexual abuse by Defendant of four victims, two of whom were children. Lengthy extended sentence imposed. Awarded commendation “for outstanding teamwork in a serious and complex sexual crime, providing excellent care and support to the vulnerable victims, working together in challenging circumstances”

R v Scott (2019, CoA 2020) Leading junior in prosecution of serial rapist. Lengthy trial involving bad character, self-incrimination, section 41 applications and cross admissibility. Reported case [2020] EWCA Crim 1349 – Issue of jury bias re: application for leave to appeal conviction and application for leave to appeal sentence for campaign of rape. Both dismissed.