Christopher Moran

Chris Moran
Year of call:



2002 - University of Hull, BA Politics

2006 - University of Hull, Master of Jurisprudence

2007 - Nottingham Law School, BVC


2007 - Pupil and Tenant at 1 Mitre Court Buildings

2010 - Tenant at 39 Park Square, Leeds

2013 - Tenant at No 6, Leeds, now Park Square Barristers


CPS Level 4 Prosecutor


North Eastern Circuit

Criminal Bar Association


2006 - The Sir Joseph Cantley Award

Chris is a highly experienced and exceptionally persuasive courtroom advocate. He instinctively knows how to address Coroners, witnesses and jurors alike and is adept at making even the most complex legal and medical issues appear simple. This skill he effectively deploys not only in both oral and written submissions but also the examination of witnesses.

The above is made possible due to Chris’ meticulous case preparation. He considers the papers as soon as they arrive, speaks to those instructing and arranges a conference as well as considering and researching any novel medical issues.

Finally, Chris regularly receives very positive feedback as to his client care. His professional and personable manner means that he often receives repeat instructions to represent families in inquest proceedings.

Notable cases

Inquest into the Death of BMRepresented the Family (in an Article 2 inquest) of a man who died over a drugs overdose whilst in prison. Significant questioning regarding the prison security and lack of first-aid training of prion staff (a wide-spread problem) were raised. At the end of this inquest, upon application, the Coroner agreed to make a ‘prevention of future deaths report’. 

Inquest into the Death of MNRepresented a nurse (in an Article 2 jury inquest) as an interested person in relation to someone in her care who died of a complex brain injury. Issues such a ‘neglect’ and ‘press restrictions’ were dealt with.

Inquest into the Death of BTRepresented the Family of an individual who died of a suspected overdose of the controversial drug Dosulepin. Complex issues relating to the efficacy of this drug as well as post-mortem distribution were dealt with.

Inquest into the Death of SHRepresented a mental health nurse who faced the issue of neglect being raised as to the standard of his care.

Inquest into the Death of DEGRepresented the family of a 16-year-old with who committed suicide whilst having involvement with multiple youth mental health services.

Inquest into the Death of SRRepresented the family in a case involving someone who died of a complex brain injury after surgery. The case involved the questioning of 2 neurosurgeons.

Contact Chris’ clerks

Madeleine Gray on 0113 202 8603

Patrick Urbina on 0113 213 5250