Ian Hudson

Ian Hudson
Year of call:

2016 (Solicitor 1998)


1995 - University of Birmingham LLB (Hons)

1996 - Leeds Metropolitan University Legal Practice Course


1998 - Admitted as a Solicitor Solicitor at William Hicks & Partners

2006 - Solicitor at Chaudhury Solicitors

2008 - Higher Rights of Audience (Criminal Proceedings)

2017 - Tenant at Park Square Barristers

2017 - Grade 2 CPS Advocate


2017 - North Eastern Circuit

After being admitted as a Solicitor in 1998 Ian has represented clients in almost every type of criminal case ranging from driving offences to terrorism and murder.  He has vast experience in the Magistrates Court and after obtaining his Higher Rights of Audience in 2008 he has frequently appeared in Crown Courts and in the Court of Appeal.

Ian brings with him a wealth of experience and has represented clients from all walks of life ranging from vulnerable adults and youths to professional business people and prominent community members. Throughout the last 18 years Ian has gained invaluable experience in representing clients at every stage in the criminal process from the police station through to the courtroom.

Ian has conducted numerous multi-handed complex fraud trials in the Crown Court in addition to cases involving serious violence, drugs, sexual offences and general crime.

“A well prepared skilled advocate who exercises sound judgement and is very effective at putting clients at ease” –       Instructing Solicitor

“Realistic when advancing pleas in mitigation, highlighting the appropriate points while at the same time pressing the justice of his client’s cause.” –       Senior Circuit Judge

Having worked as a solicitor for 18 years Ian fully understands the continuing burdens faced by solicitors and the need to provide the highest quality representation to those facing criminal proceedings.  He has a logical and pragmatic approach and an ability to quickly gain the confidence of the most demanding clients. He is conscientious and recognised for his thorough preparation.

Notable Cases

  • R v Akhtar 2021 – Leeds Crown Court – Trial – Money Laundering. Represented a 48 year old former bank employee charged with money laundering offences.  It was alleged that during a 7 month period over half a million pounds’ worth of funds had been transferred through her bank accounts.  There was a 2 year police investigation involving a specialist financial investigator.  Acquitted after trial.

  • R v W 2020 – Sheffield Crown Court – Trial – Represented a youth charged with murder. S18GBH and drug offences.  Revenge gang attack with 3 others resulting in a fatal stabbing (Led Junior).

  • R v Hickson 2020 – Teesside Crown Court –Trial – Conspiracy involving 10 defendants to supply large amounts of controlled drugs throughout the North East of England.  The defendant was acquitted following a 3 month trial.

  • R v Khan 2020– Bradford Crown Court – Trial – S18 GBH, a pre – planned machete attack involving 3 others.  A car was rammed in a busy public street before a sustained brutal group attack involving repeated blows with machetes.  One of the first multi handed trials at Bradford Crown Court to be conducted during the pandemic.

  • R v Star 2019 – Sheffield Crown Court – Trial – Preparing for acts of terrorism – represented a former policeman and body guard from Kurdistan alleged to have been involved  in the early stages of making and testing improvised explosive devices with the intention of planning a terror attack in the UK using a driverless vehicle.  Formal not guilty verdicts finally recorded after re-trial (Led Junior ).
  • R v Hodgson 2019 – Bradford Crown Court – Represented 1 of 14 defendants sentenced over a 2 day hearing.  Following written and oral submissions, the defendant was given a suspended sentence.  All other 13 defendants at the sentence hearing received immediate custodial sentences.
  • R v Pinsent 2019 – Bristol Crown Court -Trial – Represented 1 of 9 defendants alleged to have set up 13 different companies and bank accounts to facilitate the transfer of £7.5 million of criminal property.  Following legal arguments after the prosecution case, the Judge agreed there was no case to answer.
  • R v Calcutt 2018 – Bradford Crown Court – Trial – S20GBH, an alleged unprovoked attack on a goal keeper during an amateur league football match.  Acquitted after a 5 day trial.
  • R v Maqsood 2018 – Bradford Crown Court – Conspiracy to supply 10-12kg of Class A drugs. Successfully negotiated a limited basis of plea, persuading the Judge to impose a suspended sentence.
  • R v Monk 2018 – Derby Crown Court – Trial – large scale cash for crash fraud, multi-handed trial lasting several weeks.
  • R v McKalroy 2018 – Hull Crown Court – Trial – aggravated burglary, a pre-planned targeted night-time attack with baseball bats and knives.
  • R v Taylor 2018 – Leeds Crown Court – Trial – possessing a disguised firearm, involving challenging expert evidence as to whether the firearm was disguised as a torch or was a multi-functioning torch.
  • R v Cook 2018 – Sheffield Crown Court – Trial – money laundering, a large scale investigation into the supply of Class A drugs in South Yorkshire.
  • R v K 2018 – Leeds Crown Court – Robbery and possession of an imitation firearm, victim shot during a robbery (defendant a youth). Successfully persuaded the Judge to impose a youth rehabilitation order.
  • R v Awaisi 2017 – Leeds Crown Court – Trial – fraud, breach of trust, the targeting of a vulnerable elderly lady in a care home, obtaining her bank details to fraudulently purchase goods.
  • R v Holden 2017 – Bradford Crown Court – Trial –multi handed, targeted night time robbery with a knife.
  • R v Richards 2017 – York Crown Court – Trial – arson with intent to endanger life, a road-side cafe containing gas cylinders was deliberately set alight causing an explosion which destroyed the cafe.
  • R v Rashid 2017 Teesside Crown Court – Trial – S18 GBH trial, an unprovoked attack resulting in a stabbing to the chest with a broken bottle.
  • R v Tranmer 2017 – Leeds Crown Court – Successfully argued it would be unjust to impose the mandatory 5 year minimum term in respect of firearm offences. Suspended sentence imposed.
  • R v Nelson 2017 – Leeds Crown Court – Multi handed trial lasting several weeks. Large scale police covert surveillance operation into the supply of drugs in North Yorkshire.
  • R v Kaso 2016 – Leeds Crown Court – Multi handed fraud trial.  Fraud committed against the Western Union Retail Services involving over 200 fraudulent transactions across 3 countries.
  • R v Ditta 2016 Manchester Crown – Conspiracy to supply drugs trial involving large quantities of heroin in the Manchester and Rochdale areas.
  • R v Shah 2015 – Bradford Crown Court – Multi handed bank fraud trial involving two bank managers at the NatWest Bank.
  • R v Hussain 2014 –  Bradford Crown Court – Multi handed conspiracy to breach Immigration Law trial.   Well organised prolonged immigration fraud involving over 100 fraudulent immigrating applications.
  • R v Q  2013 –  Bradford Crown – defendant of good character charged with multiple rapes of his 11 years old daughter.
  • R v King 2012  – Bradford Crown Court.  Councillor charged with multiple offences of animal cruelty and breaching a suspended sentence.
  • R v H 2010 – Bradford Crown Court – Led junior in a manslaughter trial.  Defendant was a 17 year old youth with mental health problems who was accused of setting fire to house in which an 12 years old boy died.

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