Imran Khan

Imran Khan
Year of call:



1996 - 2000 - Elfed Thomas Law School De Montfort University, Leicester LLB (Hons)

2000 - 2001 - Inns Of Court school of law City Law School, London Bar Vocational Course (BVC)


2002 – 2003 - Pupil at 7 Bell Yard, London

2003 - 2012 - Practised at St Albans Chambers, St Albans

2012 - 2019 - Practised at Broadway House Chambers, Leeds and Bradford


Grade 3 prosecutor


2001 – present - Criminal Bar Association

2012 - present - North Eastern Circuit




Imran Khan is an experienced and accomplished advocate, who can be relied upon to achieve the right result in the most difficult of circumstances.

He has a wealth of experience in virtually every type of criminal case, from drug trafficking to drink drive, from murder to money laundering, from theft to terrorism, from speeding to sexual offences. He has extensive experience in fraud, duty and VAT evasion cases. He has acted on some of the largest and complex cases in recent times.

Imran is skilled in cross-examining professional witnesses, including DNA, blood spatter, trauma and dental experts and he is well informed of the mechanics of Cell-Site material and the limitations of it.

He is a persuasive advocate, who is known for his hard work and tenacity. Instructing solicitors praise him for his thorough preparation, his sound tactical approach to cases and his knowledge of the law. He is often first choice for the defence because of his easy manner and sensitive approach.

Imran has established himself on the North Eastern Circuit as a reliable advocate, having previously practised in London for over a decade.


Imran is noted for his ability to quickly identify the real issues in the case and place emphasis on preparation, including skeleton arguments in support of legal submissions. He is always happy to advise at any stage, providing clarity in the most complex of cases.

Imran is a craftsman, who ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Notable cases:

  • R v Karar (2019) – Murder, led on a case where the victim received multiple injuries caused by a neighbour.
  • R v Malik (2019) – Secures an acquittal after submission of “no case” in a multi-handed £34 million VAT missing trader fraud.
  • R v Hanson (2019) – Secures the only acquittal in the largest Cannabis production case in Nottingham, with the production process situated on the two upper floors of a multi-storey factory.
  • R v Choudhury (2019) – Instructed for the defence in a Trading standards fraud and money laundering case.
  • R v Kieu (2018) – This case involved the Vietnamese mafia exerting a controlling influence over cannabis production and human trafficking in the UK.
  • R v Hussain (2018) – Defending a solicitor in a land registry fraud / attempt pervert course of justice involving a number of Solicitors.
  • R v Sambi (2018) – The case involved the Robbery of large amount of Indian gold jewellery and life assurance fraud on a family member.
  • R v Aitken (2018) – Defending in a historical sex case, which involved the inappropriate behaviour of the father with his daughters.
  • R v Akram (2017) – Secures an acquittal in the longest running Rochdale grooming case, involving recognition evidence coupled with other strands of circumstantial evidence.
  • R v Ahmed (2017) – Defending in the Leeds jury tampering case, involving cell site and cctv evidence.
  • R v Singh (2017) – The case involved a Home-Office prosecution of 9 defendants, with ministers of religion immigration rules manipulated in favour of applicants.
  • R v Lail (2017) – Instructed for the defence as leading junior. The case involved £68 million VAT diversion fraud and money laundering. The defence successfully argued duress of circumstances and secured the only acquittal in the case.

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