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Kate Batty

Year of call:
2011 (Solicitor 2001)
University of Northumbria, LLB (Exempting) (inc the Legal Practice Course)
Trainee/solicitor at Henry Hyams, Leeds
Admitted as a solicitor
Partner at Henry Hyams
Higher rights of audience
Tenant at No 6, Leeds
No 6 becomes Park Square Barristers
Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Panel
North Eastern Circuit

Kate Batty is the deputy of the Criminal team. She was a criminal defence solicitor and partner before being called to the Bar, and has been a busy trial advocate ever since. She now practises exclusively in crime, with specialisms including sexual offences, violence and drugs offences.

Kate is a Grade-4 prosecutor and an approved advocate on the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Panel. She is especially accomplished in dealing with Section 28 cases involving pre-recorded cross-examination of young or otherwise vulnerable witnesses. She has cross-examined children as young as 5, and is well able to adapt her style to suit the case and achieve the best outcome.

“Brilliant with clients –appropriately tough and tactically savvy. Particularly good at dealing with sensitive cases.” — Instructing solicitor.

As a solicitor, Kate gained experience of a wide range of cases from initial arrest to final court hearing. From 2006, she held higher rights of audience and appeared regularly in the Crown Court. She came into daily professional contact with many different clients, often when under arrest at the police station and at their most vulnerable. She also specialised in mental-health law, representing vulnerable patients at mental-health review tribunals.

Recent cases

R v McDermott – Leeds Crown Court – 2016 – Rape re-trial with complex mental health legal submissions dealing with rare points of law

R v Turner – Leeds Crown Court – 2016 – Arson with intent to endanger life. Defendant with severe learning difficulties • R v Coleman – Teesside Crown Court – 2016 – led junior in a murder trial

R v Monzur Ali – Bradford Crown Court – 2016 – multi-handed kidnap and violence trial

R v Ullah – Leeds Crown Court – 2016 – familial sexual abuse trial

R v Richards – Leeds Crown Court – 2016 – multi-handed firearms and drugs trial

R v Sneddon – Leeds Crown Court and Court of Appeal – 2016 – Defendant labelled “Pot bellied rapist” by the newspapers in the 1970s convicted of further rapes after Cold Case Review Team found fresh evidence 33 years after the offences were committed. Defendant already serving a life sentence for similar convictions from 1979. Complex legal argument upon life sentences and changes in the sentencing law since his original life sentence was imposed; complex legal submissions ultimately ruled upon by the Court of Appeal

R v Pierre – Leeds Crown Court – 2016 – led junior in a murder and robbery trial

R v Mahmood – Bradford Crown Court – 2016 – s.18 wounding trial (stabbing)

R v Imran – Bradford Crown Court – 2016 – s.18 trial (hammer attack)

R v Cockroft – Leeds Crown Court – 2017 – rape and buggery trial

R v Ghebraysus and Rezene – Leeds Crown Court – 2017 – multi-handed child cruelty trial

R v Ali – Leeds Crown Court – 2017 – rape trial

R v Robinson –Leeds Crown Court – 2017 – Manslaughter; complex causation issues


Kate is recognised for her ability to get on well with clients, and is rarely fazed by even the most challenging clients. Instructing solicitors praise her sound judgement and good tactical approach to trials, her thorough preparation, and her persuasive style in court.

Contact Kate’s clerks

Andrew Thornton on 0113 213 5202

Gina Hawkins on 0113 213 5205

Rebecca Wilson on 0113 213 5203

Hannah Dempsey on 0113 213 5211