Nadim Bashir

Year of call:



1987 - Inns of Court School of Law, Bar Finals

1992 - Leeds Metropolitan University, PGDip Personal Injury Litigation


1988 - Pupil at New Park Court Chambers, Leeds

1989 - Tenant at New Park Court Chambers, Leeds

2015 - Tenant at Park Square Barristers


2022 - Assistant Coroner at Hull

2019 - List B of the Panel of Specialist Regulatory Advocates

2018 - 2023 - Assistant Coroner at South Central Wales

Grade 4 prosecutor


North Eastern Circuit




Nadim Bashir is an B-List Specialist Regulatory Advocate.

Nadim sits as an Assistant Coroner at the Coroners Court at Hull and continues to provide representation at inquests and pre inquest reviews, particularly in relation to inquests involving members of HM Armed forces.

As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve, Nadim is also a prosecuting officer for the Service Prosecuting Authority (SPA), where he will prosecute members of any of the British Armed Forces (British Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy), anywhere in the world and has been doing so continuously for the last 20 years with prosecutions being conducted in N. Ireland, Germany, Cyprus and as far afield as Brunei. He also enjoys a healthy defence Court Martial practice.

Nadim also holds the post of Legal Advisor for the UK Reserve Forces Association which promotes the efficiency of the UK Reserve Forces by providing opportunities for education, personal development and international experience.  This is achieved by sharing ideas and good practise through formal channels with UK Reserve Forces in the NATO alliance.  It also works with the MOD.

Together with other NATO member countries, UKRFA sit on the executive council of the Inter-Allied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) and Inter-Allied Confederation of Reserve Medical Officers (CIOMR), and thus involves participating in an international arena in representing the interests of the UK Reserve Forces to the NATO alliance.

Nadim also undertakes a range of Police work on behalf of the Chief Constable, specialising in firearms/shotgun appeals under the Firearms Act 1968, Cash Detention Orders and Forfeiture Proceedings under POCA 2002 and the delivery of seminars in respect of SHPO’s under the SOA 2003 as amended.

Notable cases

Craven Council v Billy Bob’s Ice-Cream Parlour – HSE investigation which was taken over and prosecuted by Craven Council involving offences contrary to Section 3 and 4 of the HSWA 1974 and RIDDOR Regulations involving 5 Defendants (2 companies and 3 individuals) in respect of the provision of an unsupervised children’s play barn on the site of their ice-cream factory where a large number of serious injuries followed due to the inadequacy of the play equipment provided.

R v Smith, Lloyd & Lewis –   Health & Safety – Gross Negligent Manslaughter prosecution with Negligent Performing a Duty under military law charged in the alternative.  The core allegation centred around 3 Defendants who were part of a 5-man team in the Bio Washdown Facility in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan where they had adopted an unsafe system of work causing the death of one of their number when a bucket slid off a raised set of forks on an earth moving machine instantly killing their colleague.  Issues involving Combat Immunity were raised and responded to but were never fully argued given that guilty pleas were entered.

R v Price, Bell & Pankhurst – Health & Safety Gross Negligent Manslaughter case with Negligent Performing a Duty under military law.  The case concerned the setting up of 2 adjacent live firing ranges by a Junior Officer but where the participants of the first range were firing in the direction of the adjacent range causing a soldier to be killed on the adjacent range.

MHRA -V- David Pearson, Alla Pearson (Operation Upana) –  Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency prosecution – case concerned the distributing of medical products without a wholesale dealers license Reg 18(1)(a) and 34 (1) Human Medicines Regulations 2012.

Lectures & training

Nadim lectures and trains police services across the country on a broad range of subjects, with a specialism in child protection and specifically the prevention and control of paedophilia (as previously delivered to CEOP).

Contact Nadim’s clerks

Madeleine Gray on 0113 202 8603

Patrick Urbina on 0113 213 5250

Imogen Brown on 0113 2135225