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Paul Abrahams

Year of call:
2002 (Door Tenant)
LLB (Hons) Sheffield
BVC Nottingham Law School
Tenant at Old Court Chambers, Middlesbrough
Door tenant at PSQB
CPS Grade 4 Prosecutor
Approved Rape Prosecutor
Member of the North Eastern Circuit
North Eastern Circuit Teesside Mess Junior
North Eastern Circuit Junior
Member of the Criminal Bar Association

Paul has extensive experience in dealing with serious sexual offences, particularly cases involving vulnerable and young witnesses. His ability to handle victims and witnesses in a sensitive, thoughtful and caring manner is well regarded. He also deals with cases involving serious violence, such as Manslaughter and Attempt Murder, complex fraud and organised crime conspiracies. He prides himself on his preparation and case handling.

Paul not only has prosecution experience but has extensive experience in handling the most serious of Defence cases, involving Attempt Murder, Manslaughter, S.18, Rape and complex organised crime prosecutions and frequently appears as the lead Defendant in multi handed cases. He has also been led in seven murder cases.

Notable Cases


  • R v A & S (2018) – Prosecuted and secured convictions in a case involving the rape of a vulnerable adult in Sunderland, that become of national media interest.
  • R v C (2018) – Prosecuted and secured convictions in a historic sexual abuse case where the allegations went back 30 years.
  • R v C (2018) – Prosecuted ‘one punch’ manslaughter, that had complex issues relating to causation.
  • R v G, M & N (2017) – Prosecuted and secured convictions in a people trafficking operation which involved significant telephone data and multi-jurisdictional evidence.
  • R v A-S (2017) – Prosecuted and secured conviction for rape on a particularly vulnerable victim that involved complex telephone evidence.


  • R v A – represented one of two 15 year old boys charged with the murder of a homeless man in Darlington town churchyard. They were acquitted of murder but convicted of Manslaughter which they accepted. Led by Neil Davy QC.
  • R v B – defended one of four charged with kicking a man to death. Our defendant was the only one to be acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter due to errors spotted in the scene examination. Led by Gilbert Grey QC
  • R v C – defended a man in a brutal axe murder at a New years’ eve party. Led by Tim Roberts QC
  • R v D – Stabbing in Newcastle following argument. Led by Tim Roberts QC
  • R v E – Kicking in a house by three drunks that led to death. Two guilty of murder our lass Crown accept Manslaughter. Led by Jamie Hill QC
  • R v F – manslaughter following robbery guilty of trial led by Nick Lumley QC
  • R v S (2019) – Successfully defended a case involving historic sexual abuse.
  • R v S (2018) – Successfully defended a case involving sexual allegations made by the Defendant’s step daughter.
  • R v H (2017) – Successfully defended elderly male accused of grooming and abusing a 5 year old. The case involved sensitive questioning through an intermediary.

Contact Paul’s clerks

Andrew Thornton on 0113 213 5202

Gina Hawkins on 0113 213 5205

Rebecca Wilson on 0113 213 5203

Hannah Dempsey on 0113 213 5211

Elaine Foster-Morgan on 0113 213 5217

Robyn Nichol on 0113 213 5253

Court Martial

Paul has a keen interest and compressive knowledge of military matters and law and has regularly appeared at Court Martial hearings.