Ahmed & Others [2023] EWCA Crim 281 – the ‘proper approach’ to sentencing adults for offences committed when they were children

Ahmed and Others [2023] saw five unconnected appeals in January of this year heard in the criminal division of the Court of Appeal (‘CACD’) to clarify the correct approach to sentencing an adult for an offence committed when they were a child. The judgment was published last week. Each of the five cases concerned sexual offending against minors, when the Appellants too were predominantly under the age of 18.

Celine Kart defends in importation of 240kg of heroin as a Led Junior

Celine Kart, led by Nicholas Worsley of St Paul’s Chambers, represented the first defendant on the indictment for the importation of heroin. The trial lasted for seven weeks in Birmingham Crown Court, where Celine’s lay client was one out of four named defendants. The importation concerned 240kg (£22m in street value) of heroin. 

Pupillage Applications: PSQB Advice and Tips

For anybody wishing to apply for pupillage at PSQB and beyond, we thought it would be helpful to publish some advice for making the most of the pupillage application process from various members and pupils of Chambers.

Celine Kart secures suspended sentence for breaking and entering and threats of criminal damage by fire

Celine Kart represented a Defendant charged with intentional strangulation, assault occasioning ABH, threats of criminal damage and using violence to secure entry. The Crown offered no evidence to the charges of intentional strangulation and assault occasioning ABH. At the sentencing hearing, Celine submitted that, although the threats were of higher culpability due to involving threats […]

PSQB Tenancy confirmed for Celine Kart

We are delighted to announce that Celine Kart is now a tenant at Park Square Barristers following the successful completion of her pupillage.

Article by Celine Kart: Custody Time Limit Extensions: Latest News and Judicial Dicta

Custody Time Limits (‘CTLs’) have been in the news recently after Judicial reluctance to allow applications for extensions of them. Applications are being made as a consequence of defence counsel not being present at Court; a result of the ongoing Criminal Bar Association’s action and strikes. For cases in the Crown Court, Defendants are to […]