Breach of Trademark Offences and new Guidelines

The City of London Police Force (Economic Crime Unit) together with the Specialist Fraud Division instructed Mr Nadim Bashir to prosecute the infringement of both the Apple Inc and Samsung brand trademarks by a Mobile Telephone wholesaler and retailer in West Yorkshire over a 7 year period by selling counterfeit batteries passing them off as original or genuine branded mobile telephone batteries manufactured by Apple and Samsung.

Nadim Bashir appears at 3 week inquest into the death of a guest at a holiday park following his restraint.

Paul Reynolds, 38, from Colchester, died in hospital two days after the incident at the holiday park  in Lowestoft, Suffolk, on 14 February 2017, in which he became involved in an altercation with another guest.

Reynolds, who was also known as Paul Gladwell, was restrained by security staff before police arrived and moved him from a prone position to a seated position.

Inquest Seminar

An Introduction to Inquests – This seminar is intended to be an introductory guide for those who currently have very little inquest experience but would like to grow their practice.