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Gill Batts and Catherine Moxon Appointed as Legally Qualified Chair to The Medical Practitioners Tribunal #PSQB #MPTS #Appointments #HealthcareRegulatory


Article by Helena Spector: R (Ture) v Senior Coroner for Manchester North [2022] EWHC 1027 (Admin) 4 May 2022 #PSQB #Inquests #judicialreview


Danny Highfield returns to PSQB as Regulatory & Public Law Clerk #regulatorycrime #inquests #inquiry #psqb

top ranked chambers 2022

2022 edition of Chambers & Partners released – PSQB Rankings Increase

2022 edition of Chambers & Partners released

PSQB individual rankings increase from 22 to 27

Ranked Teams increase from 2 to 4

The 2022 edition of Chambers & Partners has been announced and PSQB has increased its number of rankings.

Park Square Barristers continues to be a ranked set in Crime (Band 1) and Motor Insurance Fraud (Band 2).

We have now secured additional set rankings for Family Children (Band 3) and Inquests & Public Inquires (Band 2)

The number of our individual barristers ranked in Chambers & Partners has also increased from 22 to 27 – this is nearly a 50% increase in the last 3 years.

This year sees rankings for Craig Hassall QC (Health & Safety) Andrew Semple (Crime) and Kate Wilson, Lorraine Harris and Simon Connolly (Inquests and Public Inquiries).

For the full list of the rankings and write ups please: click here

PSQB also has a set profile page on the Chambers & Partners website – click here