Amrit Atwal Group Litigation Order successfully Opposed

Amrit Atwal was led by Chris Barnes KC in the anticipated ‘Group Litigation Order’ judgement in military deafness claims; acting on behalf of the ‘other solicitors’ group who have successfully opposed the application to grant a GLO.

This was quite a unique collaboration, with 18 different law firms working together, who collectively represent over 5000 Claimants.

A special thank-you to the law firms involved and for the hard work behind the scenes by everybody involved at Alma Law, AWH Solicitors, BLZ Solicitors, Clear Law, Eldred Law, Gorvins, Greenbank Lawyers, Imperium Law, Irwin Mitchell, Jiva Solicitors, JMW Solicitors, Kinetic Law, M&S Law, Russell Worth Solicitors, Simpson Millar, Slater and Gordon, Veritas Solicitors LLP and Watkins & Gunn

See below for a link to the judgement

Abbot v MoD final for handdown (1)

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