Catherine Silverton and Holly Clegg defend in what is thought to be the largest drugs operation to date in England and Wales

Catherine Silverton and Holly Clegg, instructed by Lords Solicitors, represented a young woman who was tried for Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs and Possession with Intent to Supply the same.

Six Defendants formed part of the £1.59bn conspiracy which is believed to have involved the largest organised distribution of drugs ever prosecuted in England involving approximately 15 tonnes of cocaine. The client was arrested on 10 November 2022 and 58 kilogram blocks of cocaine were discovered in her flat with an estimated value of over £5 million. The matter proceeded to trial and Catherine and Holly robustly advanced their client’s defence.

At the close of the prosecution case, the Crown accepted a guilty plea to a significantly lesser offence already offered prior to trial.

The client pleaded guilty to an offence of participating in the activities of an Organised Crime Group (contrary to s45 of the Serious Crime Act 2015). The Crown ultimately offered no evidence in relation to both more serious matters. Not Guilty verdicts were recorded in relation to those matters.

Sentence in the case took place on 10th November 2023. Co accused, who were convicted of the more serious matters, received a combined sentence of 56 years imprisonment, with two Defendants still awaiting sentence and another awaiting trial.

The client whom Catherine and Holly represented received a sentence which led to her immediate release from custody. 

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