Complex High Court Finding of Fact judgment handed down on Honour Based Abuse, Forced Marriage and Coercive Control case

Charlotte Worsley KC leading Natalia Perrett, Deputy Head of Family Team, represented the children in a long running case which involved complex allegations of Honour Based Abuse, Forced Marriage and coercive control. Catherine Mason represented an older competent child in the proceedings.

The case was heard by Mr Justice Poole following the murder of the children’s older sibling by an extended family member. A combined fact finding and welfare judgment was published on 10 July 2024 – Link to Judgment.

The judgments focus on the particular circumstances of these children and their family, who originate from the Pashtun community in Pakistan. The importance of the code of honour within that community, known as Pashtunwali, was the subject of expert evidence.  The Judge assessed the facts of this family’s history, and the risks and welfare concerns for each of the subject children. The children were not returned to their parents.

There are not many published judgments from the Family Court dealing with allegations of this kind. The Judge found that there was a strong public interest in publication to demonstrate how such issues are determined. The judgment has been heavily anonymised to avoid jigsaw identification.

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