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Robert Stevenson represents photography company and two-directors, charged with engaging in unfair commercial practices, contrary to the provisions of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. #PSQB #UnfairTradingRegulations2008


Richard Wright QC appointed to the Sentencing Council for England and Wales #appointments #sentencingcouncil


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Drug related killing in Bradford red light area – murder trial concludes – 5 PSQB counsel instructed

In a 5-week trial at Bradford Crown Court before the Recorder of Bradford (HHJ Mansell QC), the prosecution alleged that Alex Bates, Rashpal Singh Gill and Mohammed Jawaid Khan had attacked Paul Ackroyd who was later found dead outside Khan’s home address at Jinnah Court.

The prosecution case was that Paul Ackroyd had been brought to Jinnah Court in order to buy drugs in a flat that had been used to supply drugs to many in the local community. The Crown alleged that he was there attacked by three men in a sustained assault using blunt force weapons causing fatal head injuries.

Paul Ackroyd was found by the emergency services lying outside Jinnah Court and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Complex pathological and neuropathological evidence indicated that Paul Ackroyd had suffered multiple injuries including two massive head injuries sustained at least 20 minutes apart. This suggested a sustained and serious assault using blunt force weapons.

The case involved cut-throat defences and blame being cast upon Jawaid by co-defendants also charged with murder.

The case involved arguments about the admissibility and probative value of evidence relating to previous violence by a co-defendant and propensity to use violence.  

The case also involved a wide range of issues as to Jogee joint enterprise.

The case involved complex disclosure, hearsay, bad character, and cross-admissibility considerations.

Bates and Gill were convicted of murder.

The jury acquitted Mohammed Jawaid Khan of murder and instead found him guilty of assisting an offender by movement of the dead or dying Paul Ackroyd.

Peter Moulson QC leading Simon Clegg and Holly Clegg prosecuted the case.

Abdul Iqbal QC represented Mohammed Jawaid Khan, leading Mr Fuad Arshad. They were instructed by Messrs Riaz Solicitors.

Narinder Sekhon, led by Adam Kane QC represented Kirsty Rushworth for Harris Solicitors – she was acquitted of assisting an offender. 


Media coverage of the verdicts can be found here :


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