Eight members of a Scunthorpe OCG receive a combined sentence of 82 years’ – Katherine Robinson & Eleanor Durdy prosecute

Following a complex investigation into the organised crime group, the Police discovered messages, videos and audio notes which revealed a significant network involved in cannabis taxings. Humberside Police worked tirelessly alongside the prosecution team to identify and link each defendant to the offending. Their efforts resulted in the eight men pleading guilty to a series offences including aggravated burglary with use of firearms and drug related offences.

Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Paul French said: “This was an extremely complex investigation into an organised crime group who went to great lengths to distribute drugs and commit crime, bringing misery to our communities.

By removing this dangerous gang from our community, we have stopped a significant amount of drugs finding their way on to the streets of Scunthorpe, along with the associated crime and antisocial behaviour that goes with this kind of offending.

“I would like to thank the investigations team for their dedication and hard work in building a strong case against these brutal individuals. The investigation saw detectives spending hundreds of hours trawling through a vast amount of mobile phone data, along with forensic and tactical enforcements, in order to put forward a thorough prosecution case.

“The messages, videos and audio notes recovered provided significant evidence that the gang were involved in the taxing of cannabis grows and allowed us to bring these violent criminals to justice.

“Keeton, Gallagher, Pollock, Rhodes, Lowther, Haines, Cooling and Hemsworth are dangerous and violent individuals, and I’m pleased that they are behind bars and are being punished for their actions. I hope that it also sends a clear message to those who think they can get away with committing crime in our force area.

“I’d also like to thank the public for their assistance, as by telling us about what is going on in your area, helps inform parts of our investigation and creates a bigger picture.

“We recognise the impact these types of offences can have on local communities, and we are absolutely committed to investigating these thoroughly. Through the hard work and dedication of our specialist teams, with the support of local communities, we will hold offenders to account – making the towns and villages of Northern Lincolnshire safer and stronger.”

Humberside Police


Katherine Robinson  and Eleanor Durdy acted for the prosecution.

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