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Gill Batts and Catherine Moxon Appointed as Legally Qualified Chair to The Medical Practitioners Tribunal #PSQB #MPTS #Appointments #HealthcareRegulatory


Article by Helena Spector: R (Ture) v Senior Coroner for Manchester North [2022] EWHC 1027 (Admin) 4 May 2022 #PSQB #Inquests #judicialreview


Danny Highfield returns to PSQB as Regulatory & Public Law Clerk #regulatorycrime #inquests #inquiry #psqb

Ellie Mitten secures acquittal in first jury trial

Ellie Mitten has secured an acquittal for her client in a three-handed trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

The Defendant, who was charged assault occasioning actual bodily harm, was alleged to have carried out an attack on two men in the context of a feud between two families. The Defendant’s younger brother and father were also on the indictment, charged with ABH and s. 18 GBH respectively.

The trial ran for 5 days, and all three Defendants were unanimously acquitted.

Ellie successfully completed her pupillage in September 2020 under the supervision of Kate Batty. She hopes to continue to expand her criminal practice.

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