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Employment webinar discussing Flexible Working

Flexible Working & More Predictable Work Patterns

This webinar is presented by Leila Taleb.

If you would like to view this webinar please email and a link will be sent to you.

Leila has a growing employment practise. She has received instructions to represent both claimants and respondents and has instructed across all levels of the litigation process from preliminary and interlocutory hearings to final hearings. She has acted in claims involving unfair dismissal, discrimination (disability, race, sex), unlawful deduction of wages and breach of contract. She has also acted in preliminary hearings concerning points of law, for example employee status and issues of limitation.

Leila’s exposure to employment was through her role working as Chair on the board of a charitable organisation whereby she chaired internal disciplinary hearings, appeal hearings and welfare meetings concerning staff members and management.

If you would like to book Leila, please contact one of her clerks:

Senior Clerk – Andy Reeves on 0113 213 5252

Talia Webster on 0113 202 8609

Joshua Duree on 0113 213 5246

Mike Alexander on 0113 2135268

Ben Ellison-Tope on 0113 2135207