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£150k robbers snared by their own tracking device jailed – Katherine Robinson prosecutes, Glenn Parsons and Vince Blake-Barnard defend #PSQB #CriminalProsecution #CriminalDefence


Naomi McLoughlin appears at Inquest on behalf of University #PSQB #Inquests


Case Comment by Helena Spector: Bolton Council v KL [2022] EWCOP 24: Deprivation of liberty and streamlining for 16 and 17 year olds #PSQB #CourtofProtection

Glenn Parsons

Glenn Parsons secures acquittal in ‘Husband and wife GBH case’

Glenn Parsons defending, secured a Not Guilty verdict in a case of ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’ where a husband was accused of attacking his wife on the driveway of the Marriott Hotel in York, in the early hours of the morning, following an argument over whether they should walk home or take a taxi.  The complainant accepted in evidence that during the argument she ‘backhanded’ her husband to the face, but she then alleged that he lost his temper and grabbed her by the throat in an attempt to strangle her.  He was then said to have punched her in the eye, before slamming her face-down onto the ground, rendering her unconscious and causing multiple fractures to her face. Part of the incident was captured on CCTV.  However, the jury accepted the defence case that the wife had exaggerated the level of the assault from her husband and had also downplayed the number of times she had struck her husband , who they concluded was acting in self-defence.


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