Helena Spector concludes 5-day jury inquest representing the family of the deceased

The inquest touching the death of Delia Haley was held over five days at Doncaster Coroners Court. It dealt with the events leading up to a sudden cardiac event at a locked rehabilitation facility for people with mental health and psychiatric problems. The deceased, Delia was diagnosed with schizophrenia disorder and a mild learning disability.


The inquest explored the management of Delia’s physical health and medication, the role of anti-psychotic drugs on the heart, the quality of the observations Delia was subject to and the initial emergency response and a power cut which had disabled the call bell system.


After highlighting inconsistencies and issues in the manner in which observations were recorded on the days leading up to Delia’s death, the jury concluded that they could not be satisfied that the observation in the minutes prior to Delia’s death had been carried out.


The jury also concluded that the anti-psychotic medication Delia had been prescribed for many years did contribute to her death.


Helena was instructed by Gareth Naylor, Head of Personal Injury and Inquests at Ison Harrison Solicitors.

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