Holly Clegg represents the family in an inquest into the death of a child

Holly Clegg has recently appeared in a very sad inquest into the death of a 2 year old child. Holly represented the family in this difficult case, ensuring that their concerns were explored affectively.

The circumstances of the case were that the family of a 2 year old child became increasingly concerned about their daughter’s health in the 6 weeks leading up to her sad death. She had been back and forth to her GP several times as the child had been struggling to eat and drink, was particularly whingey and was acting out of character.  She had even been to a Paediatrician at the hospital on two occasions. She was diagnosed with anaemia and constipation.

After the Inquest it was concluded that she passed away tragically from natural causes, namely a rare genetic heart condition that was undetected at the time of her untimely death.


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