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Park Square Barristers will be hosting another Family seminar via zoom on Tuesday the 18th of May at 17.30. #FamilyLaw #PSQB #ZoomSeminar


Ben Thomas instructed in case involving Carbon Monoxide poisoning arising out of Health & Safety breaches. #healthandsafety #regulatorycrime #psqb

Katherine Robinson Returns to Practice

Following a full-time position in Somaliland with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Katherine Robinson has returned and is available to receive instructions in a wide-range of criminal, regulatory and public law matters.

Katherine has been residing in Ethiopia, whilst working in Somaliland and Djibouti, as a Criminal Justice Advisor for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The current justice system in Somaliland consists of legalisation derived from Islamic Sharia Law, Customary Law and Formal Law.

Katherine continues to work with the same office, on a part-time basis, to build the capacity of the local justice system, through engagement with the judiciary, investigative forces and prosecutors.

Katherine is a Grade 4 prosecutor, on the SFO advocates and POCA advocates lists and is regularly instructed for prosecution and defence in all areas of criminal law, with particular specialism in serious fraud, money laundering, complex conspiracies and sexual offences.

Katherine is well-versed in matters of regulatory law, including Trading Standards and environmental matters

Contact Katherine’s criminal clerks

Andrew Thornton on 0113 213 5202

Gina Hawkins on 0113 213 5205

Rebecca Wilson on 0113 213 5203

Hannah Dempsey on 0113 213 5211

Harrison Browne on 0113 213 5217

Contact Katherine’s regulatory & public clerks

Madeleine Gray on 0113 202 8603

Ricky Kimachia on 0113 213 5252

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