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Mark McKone and Craig Hassall take silk

We are absolutely delighted that Mark McKone and Craig Hassall have been successful in their application to be Queen’s Counsel.

Their silk appointment will be officially confirmed in the Spring.

PSQB Head of Chambers Richard Wright QC commented

“Congratulations to Mark McKone and Craig Hassall on their appointment as Her Majesty’s Counsel learned in the law. This is a tremendous personal achievement but also a great day for Chambers”

The full press release from the Ministry of Justice reads:

“Her Majesty The Queen has approved the appointment of 116 barristers and solicitors as new Queen’s Counsel (QC) in England and Wales. The title of QC is awarded to those who have demonstrated particular skill and expertise in the conduct of advocacy.

Her Majesty has also approved the appointment of 6 new Honorary Queen’s Counsel (QC Honoris Causa). Their biographies are set out below. The title of Honorary QC is awarded to those who have made a major contribution to the law of England and Wales, outside practice in the courts.

The awards ceremony would usually take place in March 2021, but given the current global pandemic the ceremony will take place at a later date. However, arrangements will be made to allow those receiving the title to use it from the time the ceremony would normally have taken place.

Lord Chancellor & Justice Secretary, Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP said:

The award of QC is a tremendous achievement, made even more impressive against the additional challenges we have all faced this year.

I want to congratulate all those on their forthcoming appointments and awards. The depth of expertise and eminence of these appointees is immense and is testament to the exceptional talent throughout our legal system.


For further information about Mark McKone and Craig Hassall please contact one of their clerks:

Andrew Thornton on 0113 213 5202

Madeleine Gray on 0113 202 8603

Gina Hawkins on 0113 213 5205

Rebecca Wilson on 0113 213 5203

Hannah Dempsey on 0113 213 5211

Elaine Foster-Morgan on 0113 213 5217

Robyn Nichol on 0113 213 5253

Patrick Urbina on 0113 213 5250