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Nadim Bashir Prosecutes 46-year old Convicted of Fraudulently Selling Properties

Nadim Bashir Prosecutes 46-year old Convicted of Fraud

Sascha Morris, 46, promised a number of property investors an impossible return on their investments; collecting a total of £5 million worth in investments. The court heard how Morris enticed investors into parting with cash for properties being built in Cyprus, guaranteeing them false returns on quick sales.

Nadim Bashir, prosecuting, stated how she wrongly sold investors the ideology that well-known holiday companies would buy or rent the properties, putting investors’ minds at ease.

Morris was convicted (by the CPS Specialist Fraud Division) of two counts of fraud and another of fraudulent trading, with a sentencing due to take place on 9 January 2017.

Nadim Bashir is a grade-4 prosecutor who sits on CPS panels for fraud, confiscation and serious organised crime.

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