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Gill Batts and Catherine Moxon Appointed as Legally Qualified Chair to The Medical Practitioners Tribunal #PSQB #MPTS #Appointments #HealthcareRegulatory


Article by Helena Spector: R (Ture) v Senior Coroner for Manchester North [2022] EWHC 1027 (Admin) 4 May 2022 #PSQB #Inquests #judicialreview


Danny Highfield returns to PSQB as Regulatory & Public Law Clerk #regulatorycrime #inquests #inquiry #psqb

Richard Paige secures a substantial 6 figure settlement for client in clinical negligence claim

The Claimant, having been diagnosed with and treated for bladder cancer, received immunotherapy in the form of BCG instillations to prevent its recurrence. However, he went on to develop life-threatening systemic BCG infection (tuberculosis) and as a result suffered damage to his kidneys, liver, spine and aorta. The Claimant alleged that the systemic infection arose as a result of the negligent administration of the BCG instillation.

NHS Resolutions defended the claim on liability, causation and quantum, but with the assistance of an experienced mediator, the parties were able to reach an amicable settlement which will ensure the Claimant’s financial security into the future.

The Claimant was represented by Richard Paige from PSQB and Kevin Liddy and Mark Aldridge at Liddys Solicitors.

Richard Paige specialises in clinical negligence and has dealt with a variety of claims including delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, failure to obtain informed consent, negligently performed surgery and negligently conducted joint replacements.


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