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Royal Navy frigate -sexual assault at sea

Sexual assault at sea within the Royal Navy

Recently Nadim Bashir prosecuted a matter involving members of the Royal Navy; three crew members of the HMS Northumberland were involved in the sexual assault of a fellow sailor.

In 2013 on August 29, Logistician Andrew Donaldson, Leading Seaman Christopher Cook and Leading Logistician Roger Spratt filmed and sexually assaulted a colleague who was vulnerable due to high alcohol consumption. Their acts were declared mere ‘fun’ by the trio but the senior panel of officers preceding over the matter disagreed.  They deemed the acts to be disgraceful and that they dishonoured what the Royal Navy stood for.

Mr Donaldson, who carried out part of the physical act, has been jailed for 5 years, dismissed with disgrace and made to sign the Sex Offenders Register. His crewmates have also been imprisoned for the sexual assault.

An article with the full details can be found in the Express & Echo.

Nadim Bashir

Nadim Bashir has recently joined Park Square Barristers and is a Grade-4 prosecutor who sits on CPS panels for fraud, confiscation and serious organised crime. And as a major in the TA , Nadim is also a prosecuting officer for the Service Prosecuting Authority (SPA), where he prosecutes members of any of the British armed forces (British Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy), anywhere in the world.

If you wish to instruct Nadim, please contact his clerk, Andrew Thornton.