Bespoke training & seminars

If you’ve identified a particular training or continuing professional development need, our experienced barristers can help.

If you need a very specific training & education programme, or even just a single workshop or seminar, we can put together just the right package for your organisation.

We regularly deliver bespoke training for a wide range of professionals including solicitors, the police, local authorities, the CPS and other public organisations and agencies. We will deliver anywhere on- or off-circuit, and are happy to use our own chambers, your premises or a third-party venue (such as a hotel or conference centre).

Specialist expertise

As a large multi-disciplinary set, we can deliver training on issues right across civil, criminal and family law as well as regulatory & public law (including sports, immigration and coronial law). We can offer broad-brush approaches as well as insights into niche specialisms, and can provide training appropriate to the defence or the prosecution.

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Head of education & training

Kitty Colley

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