Helen Hendry

Helen Hendry
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1981 - University of London, Queen Mary College - BSc(Econ) Economics and Politics

1982 - City University, London - Diploma in Law


1983 - Pupillage at 1 Garden Court, Temple, Robin de Wilde QC

1984 - Pupillage at Pearl Chambers, Leeds, Paul Isaacs

1984 - Tenant at Pearl Chambers, later 9 Woodhouse Square

1992 - Circuit Junior, North Eastern Circuit

1995 - 2003 - Career Break

2004 - Tenant at Park Court Chambers, Leeds

2011 - 2018 - Career Break

2018 - Tenant at Park Square Barristers, Leeds

2022 - Deputy Head of Family Team

Helen is Joint Deputy Head of our Family Team. She honed her skills as an advocate in High Court proceedings dealing with the most serious allegations of sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children.

Helen has the advantage of a background in criminal law, both defending and prosecuting. She was a Grade 4 Prosecutor and prosecuted cases of utmost seriousness and was on the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Panel. She is therefore confident in dealing with cases where clients face proceedings in both Family and Criminal jurisdictions.


Public Law

Helen represents Parents, Children’s Guardians, Intervenors and extended family members in Public Law proceedings.

Helen is instructed in complex cases involving allegations of non accidental injury including serious injury such as bone fractures and brain damage; sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation; addictions to drugs and alcohol; chronic neglect

Her caseload frequently involves expert evidence on complex medical issues arising from allegations of non-accidental, sexual assault and psychological harm.

Helen has particular skill dealing with vulnerable witnesses and court users who find proceedings challenging and for whom communication is difficult eg because of their cognitive function, or because communication is through an interpreter. She has worked very successfully with Intermediaries.

She represents victims and perpetrators of all forms of domestic abuse; people with learning disabilities, poor mental health and addictions;

Helen also receives instructions through the Official Solicitor for lay clients who lack capacity ensuring that whilst the instructions of the OS are followed, the wishes and feelings of the party are fully expressed to the court.


Private Law

Helen has considerable experience in residence and contact cases where the issues are complex and problems can seem intractable.

In these cases, where emotions can run high, her approach is empathetic and patient. Her advice is analytical, thoughtful, robust, and always child focussed.


What solicitors say about Helen:

“Helen Hendry has the enviable skills of having both a formidable knowledge of the law coupled with  a  natural warmth and kindness  which ensures clients immediately like her and thus trust the advice she gives . I have seen Helen use her considerable skills to communicate difficult legal concepts to the most vulnerable and challenging of clients, always delivered with compassion, kindness and respect.”

“She is a patient listener which means clients feel that she has “heard them” in the legal process and she will convey “their voice” in the court arena which she does with tenacity using her considerable advocacy skills to fight their corner.”

“Helen doesn’t shy away from a challenge and you always feel at the end of any case that she has done everything in her power to provide a voice for those she represents.”

“I simply can’t sing her praises enough. Helen is one of the first barristers I think to instruct on any difficult or complex family law issue.”

“Helen is everything you could want from a Barrister and then some. Always down to earth, always prepared, brilliant with clients and someone who, from the very start, blocks out all the unnecessary noise of the proceedings and simply focusses upon those issues that matter in the case.”

“She has real presence both in conference with the client and also in court. Her cross examination is never laboured but always on point. She is a tremendous advocate to have in any case.”

“Quite simply, Helen is one of the best Barristers there is to have as part of the team and to work with.”



Contact Helen’s clerks

Claudine Cooper on 0113 202 8604

Paul Foster on 0113 213 5209

Arnela Siranovic on 0113 213 5212

Helen has been a Grade 4 prosecutor and approved to prosecute Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO). She has prosecuted and defended the most serious criminal offences including murder manslaughter, blackmail, drugs (including large scale manufacture and distribution) and all manner of sexual offences, in particular those involving children, rape, voyeurism and indecent images.

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