Private Prosecutions Team

Members of the team advise on and pursue committal proceedings for contempt of court and private prosecutions at various stages of litigation.

Both in relation to fraudulent civil matters and criminal proceedings such as the production and sale of counterfeit goods, fraud / abuse of position of trust etc.

Advice is often provided at an early stage when proceedings have been intimated but not yet issued and equally at the conclusion of a civil trial where there has been findings of fundamental dishonesty.

Our breadth and depth of experience in bringing private prosecutions means that we are able to identify at an early stage what further steps should be sought in order to secure a successful outcome to the criminal proceedings.

We are able assist our clients in the consideration of the purpose of the action, punishment, deterrent, media coverage etc. and in considering which proceedings are more appropriate.  Committal for contempt or a private prosecution.

If the CPS decide not to proceed with a prosecution we are able to assist with the drafting of the information of the charge and laying it before the Magistrates Court ensuring transfer to the Crown Court where appropriate.

Our experience enables us to ensure that all disclosure and requirements for access to documentation complied with. We also have experience of drafting successful applications for costs from central funds.

Members of the team have at their disposal precedents for laying of information, advising the magistrates as to the criminal procedure rules for issuing a summons, applications for antecedents, witness summons and costs. For committal proceedings we have precedents for claim forms to instigate committal proceedings and affidavits in support of such proceedings.

We are therefore able to provide the support and expertise from cradle to grave. From initial advice on likely success of prosecution right through to conviction in the Crown Court and application for costs from central funds.

The team has many ongoing cases including a forthcoming trial at Isleworth Crown Court on behalf of Provident Personal Credit involving charges of Fraud & Theft.


The team