Healthcare Regulatory

Comprising healthcare regulatory specialists and drawing upon Chambers’ wider cross-discipline experience and expertise, our healthcare regulatory team has the strength and depth of knowledge and talent to advise and represent healthcare practitioners, NHS Trusts and other healthcare corporate entities in investigations and proceedings across the healthcare regulatory spectrum.

A very good regulatory team. There’s someone with the right skills and experience for every type of case.’

Whether you are or your client is an NHS Trust facing criminal investigation or prosecution for a corporate homicide or regulatory offence, a care home facing investigation or prosecution by the CQC or a healthcare practitioner facing multifarious scrutiny from the police, the Coroner and your professional regulatory body, our healthcare regulatory specialists have the knowledge, experience and skills to fully safeguard your interests.

It is the combination of intrinsic sector knowledge with acknowledged legal expertise which stands our healthcare regulatory specialists above others. We understand the medicine. We understand the environment in and pressures under which you or your client operates. We understand the difficulties presented in safely navigating the regulatory minefield which constitutes the framework under which you or your client operates.

Members of our team have appeared in the leading cases on the law governing gross negligence manslaughter. Our criminal practitioners include acknowledged experts in the prosecution and defence of individuals charged with sexual offences. The team boasts four Assistant Coroners and five members of the Attorney General’s Regional Panel (Treasury Counsel) who principally undertake inquest work for the Government. Other members of the team sit in part-time judicial capacities in the Crown Court, in the First Tier Tribunal and in other regulatory tribunals.

Whether your priority is crisis or reputation management, the maintenance of your licence or registration and with that your ability to continue to operate or to practise or the preservation of your liberty, our healthcare regulatory specialists will work closely with you to secure the most favourable outcome and be there for you every step of the way.

Members of the healthcare regulatory team have experience of and are available to assist in the following case types:

· Corporate and individual criminal investigations and prosecutions;

· HSE investigations and prosecutions;

· CQC investigations and prosecutions;

· Inquest investigations and proceedings;

· GMC investigations;

· MPTS proceedings (interim and substantive);

· GDC investigations and interim and substantive proceedings before its respective Practice Committees;

· GPhC investigations and proceedings;

· NMC investigations and proceedings;

· HCPC investigations and proceedings;

· GOC investigations and proceedings;

· GOsC investigations and proceedings;

· NHSE (Performers List) investigations and proceedings (including applications and appeals to the First Tier Tribunal);

· Student Fitness to Practice investigations and proceedings;

· Trust disciplinary investigations and proceedings

To instruct a member of the healthcare regulatory team please contact our regulatory clerks at or on 0113 202 8603.

The team