Public Law & Disciplinary

We provide advice and representation in relation to the many issues arising from the functions of, and services provided by, the state (at both central and local government level) as well as by private-sector and non-governmental organisations.

With a number of Treasury and Attorney General Panel counsel, our members appear before a range of courts and specialist tribunals nationwide, including the Administrative Court, the upper- and first-tier tribunals and SENDIST, and have experience in matters such as community care and social services, education (including admissions and special educational needs), immigration, judicial review, licensing, mental-health planning and prisons.

We understand the position of professionals whose conduct is being scrutinised by their disciplinary tribunals, and we have experience representing healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists and pharmacists), accountants and police officers before their professional bodies.

Public Access

A number of our barristers are authorised to represent clients directly (without a solicitor intermediary) through the Public Access scheme.

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