Family finance

We offer highly qualified and experienced barristers who manage family finance cases at all levels of the family court , inclusive of the High Court.

We have 25 experienced barristers specialising in family finance proceedings involving high-value assets (including pensions, businesses and property abroad), complex business structures, foreign and domestic trusts, and assets outside of the jurisdiction. Where appropriate, they work with our other teams, including civil, Court of Protection and family team ,who have a first-rate reputation among solicitors. This helps to ensure continuity in the handling of more complex cases as well as a broad range of legal opinion.

Offering realistic advice to help instructing solicitors and lay clients to achieve a settlement where possible, our team have proved to be a skilled and determined negotiators when it comes to reaching an agreement. They understand and value the importance of reaching an appropriate settlement where there are more modest means available for division. This may require our mediation services, but our barristers are also effective and persuasive advocates in court.

Non-matrimonial finances

We accept cases involving non-matrimonial finances such as civil-partnerships, TOLATA applications, cohabitation cases, Inheritance Act claims, and claims brought under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.

Pre-nuptials & separation

We will advise and assist with pre-nuptial agreements and pre- and post-separation agreements. We regularly deal with cases involving multiple parties and interveners, as well as cases involving complex issues of conduct.

Meeting facilities

Not only does our team have an accommodating approach to meeting clients, Our facilities can host large round-table meetings and we offer connected conference rooms for use in mediation or arbitration hearings.

Public Access

A number of our barristers are authorised to represent clients directly (without a solicitor intermediary) through the Public Access scheme.

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