James Wilson acts for Nursing and Midwifery Council in Dishonesty Case resulting in a Striking from the Register.

In the case of NMC v Mutanga (Final Reasons here), the Registrant had made a number of applications for funding from the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SASS) when she was not entitled to government funding due to her immigration status. Once those allegations began to be investigated, she left her role and applied for another role with an agency. Despite questions on the application form that pertained to previous disciplinary or investigations, the Registrant failed to inform the agency that she had been under investigation for the SASS allegations.

The hearing lasted for 6 days; the Registrant admitted the SASS allegations but denied dishonesty in relation to the application. Impairment and sanction were also in dispute.

All of the allegations were found proved against Registrant. It was found that the allegations amounted to misconduct and that she was currently impaired. The panel agreed with the ‘sanction bid’ submitted by James and invited the Registrar to strike the Registrant from the Register.

James is an experienced advocate in Professional Discipline. He acts for a number of professional bodies, in the form of drafting and advising as well as case presenting. James has also recently advised a number of Registrants in relation to the HCPC standards whilst representing their interests at inquests.


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