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Life sentence for murderer who engaged in a “pitiless and remorseless attack” – Chris Moran prosecutes

Tony Brooks, of Agbrigg Road, Wakefield, beat and strangled his girlfriend Kirstie Ellis to death on February 1 this year, before moments later taking her television to Cash Converters.

A sentencing hearing at Leeds Crown Court heard how Brooks then impersonated Ms Ellis by using her Facebook messenger account to convince her friends and family she was still alive.

During the hearing, the victim’s sister bravely faced Brooks and told him he would never be forgiven for what he had done.

A judge called Brooks “merciless”, sentencing him to life imprisonment.

Brooks was charged for Ms Ellis’s murder on March 28 and appeared at Leeds Magistrates Court the following day and was remanded in custody to appear at Leeds Crown Court the next day.

He initially pleaded guilty to her manslaughter at hearing in April but not guilty to the murder. He then changed his plea to guilty to the murder when he appeared at Leeds Crown Court on October 3.

Chris Moran Prosecuted Mr Brooks who today was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 24 years and 9 months.

Chris Moran led Conor Quinn from KBW Chambers.


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