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Manslaughter Trial Defendant convicted of single-punch manslaughter – Robert Stevenson Prosecutes

Following a seven-day trial, prosecuted by Robert Stevenson, Michael Pearson was convicted of the manslaughter of his friend, who died from a traumatic brain injury as a result of his head hitting the ground following a single punch from the defendant.

Shortly after midnight on 19th November 2022, the emergency services received a telephone call to say that a man had been assaulted not far from the Grandale Pub, near Sutton Park, Hull.  The caller said that the man had been knocked out and was laid on the floor, bleeding from the back of his head.

The man on the floor was Scott Akester and, despite the best efforts of those who helped him at the scene and the hospital, he tragically died from his injuries.

He had been forcefully punched in the face by the defendant following an argument, causing him to suffer facial injuries and two broken teeth, in addition to the fatal injury to his head.

The defendant presented himself at the police station later the same day and claimed in interview, as he did at trial, that he had acted in lawful self-defence because he feared the deceased was about to stab him with the screwdriver in his possession.

He will be sentenced at the end of June.


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