Simon Connolly in another COVID vaccine inquest

Simon recently appeared before the Senior Coroner for Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen, Dr Adeley, to represent a GP in connection with the death of Ms AP who had received a first dose of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine ten days prior to the onset of migraine-like symptoms.

Ms AP sought medical attention via the 111 service and also a face-to-face consultation with a GP at an urgent care centre when no red-flag symptoms were identified and dihydrocodeine was prescribed.

Ms AP consulted with Simon’s client over the telephone the following day when symptoms of vomiting were reported which, in the absence of red-flag symptoms, was attributed to her difficulty in tolerating the analgesic and for which an anti-emetic was prescribed.

Sadly, Ms AP presented to A&E later that day having deteriorated and where she tragically died two days later, despite all efforts to save her.

Ms AP received the A-Z vaccine days after several European countries had suspended its use consequent to the identification of a number of unusual clinical presentations associated with it, although before official UK advice to age-restrict the use of A-Z on 7 April 2021.

The Senior Coroner called evidence from senior individuals at Astra-Zeneca and the MHRA to explain the process and framework for the testing, approval and monitoring of the vaccine and to explain why immediate action was not taken in response to that taken in Europe.

The Senior Coroner found the medical cause of Ms AP’s death to be Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopaenia (VITT) and returned a narrative conclusion which was not critical of any of the IP’s involved in the proceedings.

Simon was instructed by Ravi Gupta and Catalina Mandoiu of Medical Protection.


Simon is an inquest specialist with considerable experience in medical inquests and a now well-developed knowledge and understanding of issues associated with A-Z vaccine-related cases.

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