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Teenager jailed for 16 years for the revenge killing of 16-year-old boy – Richard Wright QC prosecutes #PSQB #CriminalLaw


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2001 Taxi driver killer sentenced to over 30 years in prison – Richard Wright QC, Simon Clegg and Holly Clegg prosecute

The defendant Ricardo Linton was convicted of murdering taxi driver Mohammed Basharat and the attempted murder of Jamshaid Khan following a 5-week trial at Bradford Crown Court back in August.

The killing followed a minor road-rage incident over a broken wing mirror back in 2001.

Linton, who is currently serving a life sentence in the US for a fatal shooting in New York. He was given an additional life sentence today (27 September 2021) and was told that he will have to serve a minimum term of 31 years 312 days further imprisonment before he will even be considered for release by the parole board.

It will mean Linton will have spent a total of 50 years in jail since his 2003 arrest.

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