2001 Taxi driver killing – man convicted of road rage murder – Richard Wright QC, Simon Clegg and Holly Clegg prosecute.

Ricardo Linton has been convicted of the murder of Mohammed Basharat after a 5-week trial at Bradford Crown Court.

Richard Wright QC, Simon Clegg and Holly Clegg prosecuted the case.

The murder happened in 2001 after a minor road collision which resulted in a ‘petty’ scuffle between the two men.

The following night Linton traced Mr Basharat to his taxi office and shot him twice in the head. Linton then turned the gun on a second man in the taxi office, but the gun jammed, and Linton left the scene.

Linton then fled to Jamaica.

In 2003 Linton was arrested by the Jamaican authorities and extradited to the USA to stand trial for another historic murder, which took place in 1993 in New York City. He was convicted in 2005 and sentenced to a life sentence with a minimum term of 25 years.

Whilst serving his life sentence, he was then extradited to the UK to face the murder charge of Mohammed Basharat.

On Wednesday 11 August 2021 a Jury at Bradford Crown Court returned unanimous Guilty verdicts. Mr Linton was convicted of murder and attempt murder and will be sentenced on 27 September 2021.

Media coverage of the case can be found here.

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