Naomi McLoughlin appears at Inquest on behalf of University

Naomi McLoughlin was recently instructed on behalf of an interested party following the death of a student at a University.

The deceased was sadly found by the manager of his accommodation provider following welfare concerns being expressed to the University by a friend of the deceased. The inquest considered the mental health and mental well-being resources available to students and whether the University had done sufficient to engage students before and during their time at University; this included the resources available to students during the summer and during the lockdowns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Coroner, sitting in Newcastle Coroners’ Court recently handed down her findings and short form conclusion.

Following the hearing of evidence relating to lessons learned and the plans held by the University to embed mental health and well-being directly in the curriculum, no regulation 28 reports were required.

Naomi was involved in advising the University in the period preceding the inquest as well representing them during the hearing.


Naomi Mcloughlin is an experienced member of the Inquest team, having dealt with inquests stemming from a wide range of circumstances and on behalf of a variety of interested parties. For more information or to instruct Naomi, please contact her clerks:


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