Rukhshanda Hussain

Year of call:



1996 - Liverpool John Moores University LLB

1997 - Liverpool University LLM

1998 - BPP Law School BVC


2000 - Tenant at St Pauls Chambers, Leeds

2016 - Tenant at Park Square Barristers.


CPS Grade 3 Prosecutor RASSO approved


North Eastern Circuit Criminal Bar Association Rape Panel Serious Crime Panel



Rukhshanda is an experienced Crown Court advocate who has defended and prosecuted all types of serious crime both as a Led Junior and as a Leading Junior. Her wide experience covers all aspects of crime includes murder cases and serious violence and multi handed conspiracies involving international drug trafficking and fraud, and has both defended and prosecuted in a number of police Operations.

“Rukhshanda was instructed by CPS to work on a Police operation I was involved in. It was a complex case with a number of issues arising during the trial. She was very approachable, knowledgeable and informative, keeping us in the loop at all times. We worked well as a team and I would definitely recommend Rukhshanda”. April 28, 2014, Mel Gautry, Case Progression Officer at West Yorkshire Police.

She specialises in serious sexual offences, such as rape, child abuse, historical sex abuse and more recently has been involved in multi handed sexual grooming cases.

Rukhshanda is known for her down to earth approach and ability to communicate well with both those she represents and indeed those who instruct her. She is an effective advocate and has the skill of being both robust and sensitive when appropriate in court. Regardless of the outcome ,both her professional and lay clients are invariably extremely satisfied with the way in which she conducts their cases.

“Rukshanda is a challenge to be up against in Court. She is a diligent and a highly organised Barrister, with great client skills and expertise. We continue to instruct her as her skills are invaluable especially in cases of sexual offences and Fraud. An immense pleasure to work with and the clients are always satisfied.” October 25, 2015 Zahraa Ahmad Khan, Solicitor at Chambers Solicitors.

Notable Cases

  • R v M Led by QC  in a murder trial involving the brutal strangulation of the accused’s pregnant girlfriend.
  •  R v D  Defended Lorraine Dunbar in a robbery trial three years before she was famously convicted of the manslaughter of her son
  • R v P Defended in a 2 month conspiracy drugs trial
  • R v F Defended in this nasty conspiracy to burgle, where local victims were subjected to serious violence at the hands of a number of the youths involved in these offences.
  • R v A Defended in a 15 Count Indictment containing allegations of historical sexual abuse and rape against multiple members of the accused’s family.
  • R v K Led by a QC in the ‘Bracken Hill Park’ murder.
  • R v A  Leading junior in a multi-handed conspiracy  to incite prostitution (sexual grooming case)
  • R v H  Defence Counsel in multi handed sexual activity and drug supply to a child (sexual grooming case)