James Holding secures third acquittal of teacher charged with assaulting pupil

Following on from successful acquittals of a teaching assistant charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm on a pupil and another charged with assault by beating of a pupil, James has secured a further acquittal for a teacher charged with punching a pupil in the face.

The teacher, who had a 23 year unblemished record and no previous convictions, was charged with punching the pupil whilst demonstrating a boxing technique. The Prosecution called 3 pupils who all claimed that the punch connected with the pupil’s face. The Crown also relied on medical evidence which showed bruising and swelling to the pupil’s face in the hours following the alleged assault.

Despite having the case returned to him at a late stage, James was able to obtain an adjournment on the day of trial to ensure that the pupils’ behavioural record were obtained and disclosed. This involved James applying for a witness summons for the head teacher of the school as the police were unable to obtain the records themselves. The behavioural records were then admitted into evidence following legal argument and formed part of the cross-examination of the pupils to show their past behaviour and attitudes towards teachers at the school.

James has a wealth of experience in representing professionals working in challenging environments when they are accused of wrongdoing. His experience allows him to make early and comprehensive disclosure requests to ensure that juries and magistrates have the full picture before deciding on the facts.

James was instructed by Elisha Canning of Murrays Solicitors on behalf of the National Education Union (NEU).


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