Richard Wright KC

Richard Wright KC
Year of call:

1998 · Silk 2013


1997 - University of Leeds, LLB


2004 - Junior, North Eastern Circuit

2013 - Silk

2013 - Head of Chambers at No 6, Leeds

2015 - No 6 becomes Park Square Barristers

2015 - Head of Chambers · Park Square Barristers

2020-2022 - Leader of the North Eastern Circuit


2006 - Deputy district judge (magistrates’ courts)

2012 - Recorder of the Crown Court

North Eastern Circuit Executive Committee

Bar Council Advocates Graduated Fee Working Group

2017 - Elected as a Master of the Bench of the Middle Temple

2023 - Deputy High Court Judge


North Eastern Circuit



1998 - Middle Temple Diplock Scholar

1997 - University of Leeds Hughes Prize

Richard Wright K.C. is consistently recognised in the leading legal directories as a “Masterful Silk” and has been instructed in many of the highest profile cases on the North Eastern Circuit and beyond.

Inquest and Inquiry work forms a significant portion of his practice and he has been instructed in many landmark cases. He has been a driving force in the recent expansion of the Inquest and Inquiries team at PSQB in the arena of Public Inquiries.

Ranked as a Tier 1 silk for Business & Regulatory Crime (including Health & Safety) and Inquests and Inquiries – The Legal 500 (2024) and Band One silk for Crime (Chambers and Partners, 2024).

Ranked as a Band 2 Silk for Inquests & Public Inquiries – Chambers & Partners (2024)

His regulatory practice includes Health & Safety cases, those involving Environmental Waste, Fire Safety, Food Safety (particularly food allergen cases), Food Hygiene and Animal Welfare cases brought by DEFRA and he has been instructed in the highest profile Gross Negligence Manslaughter prosecutions.

He has been instructed in the Manchester Arena Inquiry, instructed as leading counsel by Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner in respect of an application for Judicial Review challenging the coroner’s decision to leave the conclusion of unlawful killing to the jury, and is currently one of ten King’s Counsel appointed by Baroness Hallett as Counsel to the UK Covid Inquiry.

Richard also has particular expertise in Trading Standards prosecutions and his keen tactical judgement has led to him often being retained at an early stage in proceedings to provide advice to individuals and companies. This often results in the successful defeat of investigations before they result in charges. Richard also acts in professional disciplinary and misconduct cases.

His approachability to both his professional and lay clients combined with his keen intellect and his effective advocacy has meant that he has been constantly in demand to act in complex and high profile cases since taking silk in 2013.

Richard has an exceptional ability to condense large amounts of complex information into clear and succinct explanations. As an advocate he draws attention, has a natural court presence and is authoritative without being overbearing.’ Legal 500 (2024)
He is a highly experienced silk, very client-friendly and sagacious.’ Legal 500 (2024)
A highly skilled orator, with an excellent intellect and impeccable judgement.’ Legal 500 (2023)
‘He is able to analyse and digest complex regulatory matters very quickly, identify the crucial issues in a case, and reduce complex legal argument into a highly persuasive and easily understood format. He literally makes the senior judiciary sit up and listen.” Legal 500 (2022)
‘Richard is able to quickly grasp novel and complex legal issues in areas of  law which are rarely encountered by most barristers ‘A first-class lawyer and a superb jury advocate.’  Legal 500 (2021)
‘ Highly experienced in environmental and agricultural matters. ’ The Legal 500 (2020)
‘He makes everyone else look like foothills compared to Mount Everest. ’ – The Legal 500 (2020)
‘A masterful silk’ – Chambers and Partners (2019)
‘An exceptional jury advocate.’ – The Legal 500 (2019)


Notable cases

  • UK Covid19 Inquiry. The only King’s Counsel from the North Eastern Circuit to be appointed by Baroness Heather Hallett as Counsel to the Inquiry.
  • Richard represented one of the witnesses to the Manchester Arena Inquiry which investigated the deaths of the victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena Terror attack. Award under section 40(1)(b) of the Inquiries Act 2005 to assist and represent his the witness to give oral evidence to the Inquiry.
  • R (On the application of Officer B50) v Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner for Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire. Instructed by HMAC for Hull City Council in respect of a claim for Judicial Review challenging the coroner’s decision to leave the conclusion of unlawful killing to the jury when a firearms officer fatally shot a man in Hull. Thought to be the first Judicial Review since the lowering of the standard burden of proof for unlawful killing in inquests to the balance of probabilities (Maughan) 
  • Inquest touching the death of Jeni Victoria Larmour. Richard represented the student’s flatmate who had accompanied her home on her first night at Newcastle University and later died from the combined effects of alcohol and ketamine.
  • Operation Larkshot -The largest money laundering trial in British criminal history. 8 defendants accused of being part of an alleged £266m criminal enterprise. The trial lasted 8 months and the the jury deliberated for more than 6 days before acquitting Richard Wright’s client.
  • R V  Bernie Ecclestone. The largest HMRC investigation into tax evasion by an individual in the UK. Richard Wright is instructed to prosecute the ex-chief executive of Formula 1
  • R -v- Mohammed Khalique Zaman – Prosecuting the first successful prosecution for gross negligence manslaughter arising from a food allergy, and its subsequent successful defence in the Court of Appeal [2018] 1 Cr. App. R. (S.) 26
  • Highbury Poultry Ltd –v- CPS – The Appellant Company had appealed by case stated and brought linked judicial review proceedings in respect of the interpretation of EU and national regulations governing the welfare of animals at the time of slaughter.
  • R- v- Najib & Sons Ltd – Acting for the respondent in an appeal to the Court of Appeal involving EU law and its interplay with the Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies sampling regime in slaughterhouses. The case has involved intricate knowledge and submissions on the statutory interpretation of the complex EU and national TSE Regulations – namely: the TSE (England) Regulations 2010 and surrounded the EU TSE regulation (Regulation (EC) 999/2001) and the DEFRA TSE sampling regime.
  • R V Malcolm Mayes & Mandy Mayes (Operation Jaculus) – High value Trading Standards prosecution. One of the first successful prosecutions in the country for offending related to the commercial sale of IPTV boxes involving the Copyright, Designs and patents Act 1088. The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. The Fraud Act 2006 and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.
  • EA –v- Maw – The defendant alleged that the EA had acted maliciously in their enforcement of the Regulations and subsequently in the prosecution. Charges of breaching a waste management permit as well as non-compliance with an enforcement notice. (Illegal dumping thousands of tonnes of waste where rubbish was piled 27ft (8.2m) high).
  • Operation Jaculus – Landmark prosecution for offending relating to the commercial sale of IPTV boxes involving the Copyright, Designs and patents Act 1008. The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. The Fruad Act 2006 and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.
  • Bakers of Nailsea – Case stated appeal to the Divisional Court re the manner in which an applicant summons must ‘demonstrate@ the time provisions have been complied with. The case had particular significance for all prosecutions commenced by laying an information (as opposed to charge at a police station or postal requisition) and so was highly relevant for all prosecuting authorities other than CPS.
  • R V Pogmore Adrian, Lucas Matthew, Walls Lee, Reeves Malcom, Loosemore Matthew – Following the crown court prosecution where Pogmore admitted to four charges of misconduct in a public office for his use of his force helicopter to film members of the public having sex. Richard is now instructed by South Yorkshire Police in the Police Misconduct proceedings of PC Lucas and PC Walls.


Contact Richard’s clerks

Madeleine Gray on 0113 202 8603

Patrick Urbina on 0113 213 5250

Imogen Brown on 0113 2135225

Richard Wright KC is a criminal advocate who has defended or prosecuted many of the country’s highest-profile cases .

He was described as “the standout junior” on the North Eastern Circuit (The Legal 500, 2011) and “in the ascendant” (Chambers and Partners, 2013).

He was appointed a Recorder of the Crown Court in 2012, appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2013, Head of Chambers at Park Square Barristers in 2015, Leader of the North Eastern Circuit (2020-22) and a Deputy High Court Judge in 2023

Ranked by Chambers and Partners 2024 as a “Star Individual” and described as a “A master of his art who is able to deal with the most difficult and complex matters effortlessly.”

Ranked by The Legal 500, 2024 in Tier 1 as a Leading Silk

“He excels on every level.” and “Everybody listens to him when he speaks. He has a unique ability in cross-examination.” – Chambers & Partners (2024)
“He has that rare ability to explain complex legal concepts to clients, juries and instructing solicitors with apparent ease. He is a skilled advocate” – The Legal 500 (2024)
“Richard is a legal genius”…”He exudes faultless excellence!” Chambers & Partners (2023)
“Masterful silk…he has experience acting both for the prosecution and the defence in serious criminal cases. His broad practice also includes specialisms in fraud and homicide.” – Chambers and Partners (2023)
 “An exceptional silk.” – The Legal 500 (2023)
“He is brilliant in cross-examinations and makes everything clearly understood. He’s also very persuasive and has a great manner in court.”  “A very powerful silk. He takes control and is a masterful advocate.” – Chambers and Partners (2021)
“A first-class lawyer and a superb jury advocate.” – The Legal 500 (2021)
“Masterful silk… He is a top-quality advocate who is very efficient with his paperwork and very client-friendly” – Chambers and Partners (2020)
“He makes everyone else look like foothills compared to Mount Everest.” – The Legal 500 (2020)

In addition to his portfolio of legally aided cases, Richard regularly acts for companies and individuals on a private-fee basis in both criminal and regulatory cases (particularly environmental, health & safety and food-hygiene breaches).


Richard is renowned for his dedication to his clients, his meticulous approach to case preparation, his keen intellect, and his effective, punchy advocacy.

Recent cases

R v William Cornick (November 2014) – Defended the child charged with the murder of Leeds teacher Ann Maguire.

R v Anthony Pyke (September 2014) – Murder by shotgun execution in a drugs feud.

R v James Leslie (August 2014) – Attempted murder by shooting of a serving police officer.

R v Kerry Abel (July 2014) – Gross negligence manslaughter of child drowned in the bath.

R v Joseph Lowther (May & June 2014) – Murder by acid attack in the context of gang warfare.

R v Jeremy Green (May 2014) – Army officer charged with double murder/attempted murder.

R v MVD (April 2014) – Successful defence of a child for murder in context of a dispute in the travelling community.

R v Polihronos (March 2014) – Successful defence of joint-enterprise stabbing murder.

R v Webster and others (October 2013) – Murder (execution by shotgun) of a suspected police informant in his own home in the presence of his young child.

R v AW (September 2013) – Manslaughter in the course of an outbreak of street violence in Leeds city centre.

R v Wootton & Wyard (August 2013) – Random killing of a grandfather in an attack on the street in York city centre in a joint enterprise.

R v Boyes (June 2013) – Defence of a young man charged with manslaughter after a man died as a result of a ruptured artery following an altercation outside a city-centre nightclub.

R v Browne (April 2013) – Attempted murder by shooting of a rival drug dealer in a dispute over a stolen consignment of drugs. The case presented a complicated ‘cut-throat’ defence.

Other significant homicide & related cases

R v Marine E – Successful defence of a Royal Marine accused of playing a part in the execution of an enemy insurgent wounded on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

R v John Humble – ‘Wearside Jack’ or the ‘Yorkshire Ripper Hoaxer’, prosecuted for sending a series of false tapes and letters to the West Yorkshire Police at the height of the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.

R v Brown – Murder and arson in which 2 young jockeys died in a deliberately lit fire at a block of flats in North Yorkshire in a revenge attack by the caretaker of the premises. Complex circumstantial case featuring extensive expert evidence related to the mechanism of the fatal fire and the wiring of the alarm system installed in the flats.

R v MS – Successful defence of a man charged with murder following the discovery of a burning body in woods in Leeds. The prosecution case was built on circumstantial evidence and, in particular, cell-site evidence. As a result of discrediting the cell site expert called by the Crown, the trial judge halted the case and entered a not-guilty verdict.

R v Clarke – Murder of a gangland hitman by his potential victim in the context of a drugs deal.

R v Sharp – Murder and robbery of a second-hand car salesman in a targeted attack.

R v Pickard – Murder by strangulation of a young mother in the presence of her child by the father of the baby.

R v Hopkinson – Alleged murder by a young mother and her partner of their child.

R v Khosa – Gangland murder of a drug dealer by an aspiring rival gang. A case built upon circumstantial and complex scientific evidence.

R v Charlton and Wood – Murder and robbery of a young man as he walked to his cricket club for a game of snooker.

R v Din – Perverting the course of justice in the context of the shooting murder of Gavin Clarke in Leeds, an event that triggered rioting in Leeds.

Private client work

R v H (2015) – Successful defence of a company director charged with fraud.

R v Rodi (2014) – Defence of a local businessman charged with offences of violence.

R v Jammu (2013) – Secured a suspended sentence of imprisonment for a successful and established businessman facing prosecution for money-laundering offences.

R v Sandham (2013) – Secured the acquittal of a successful local businessman prosecuted for conspiracy to handle stolen goods following an extensive covert police investigation. Legal arguments led to the trial judge halting the prosecution’s case.

R v Hillas (2013) – Secured a suspended sentence of imprisonment for a prominent business-owner prosecuted for dishonesty offences.

R v Arcadia Food Industries Ltd (2013) – Defence of a limited company prosecuted for regulatory breaches related to food hygiene.

R v P & B Foods Ltd (2013) – Defence of a limited company prosecuted for regulatory breaches.

R v Neil Thompson (2013) – Successful presentation of special-reasons argument for a serving police inspector charged with driving over the prescribed limit, securing an absolute discharge and an order that the Crown should pay a proportion of the defence costs.

R v Loftus (2013) – Retained to mitigate on behalf of an IT consultant charged with football-related violence.

Significant fraud cases

R v MZ (2014) – Long firm fraud based on the defrauding of an insurance industry finance house.

R v IV (2013) – Successful defence of a businessman for his role in an alleged £2.3 million fraud in which funds were diverted from the University of Sussex into the accounts of the fraudsters.

R v ME (2013) – Successful defence of a local business-owner alleged to have defrauded numerous banks, building societies and insurance companies. The case collapsed as a result of arguments related to the non-disclosure of material by the prosecution.

R v David Kitching (2012) – Defence of a registered conveyancer in a prominent local solicitors’ firm accused of fraudulently failing to redeem mortgages on dozens of properties to a value of many millions of pounds.

R v Newton (2012) – Sophisticated VAT fraud in which a ‘businessman’ invented a series of companies and submitted false returns from outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

R v Sultana (2012) – Fraud arising from an undercover FBI investigation into a criminal’s website known as ‘Darkmarket’.

Examples of reported cases:

R v Bestel & others (2013) All ER (D) 270 – Guideline judgement as to the circumstances in which the Court of Appeal will give permission to appeal out of time in confiscation cases that are retrospectively affected by the decision of the Supreme Court in Waya.

R v Cosford (2013) WLR (D) 147 – Guideline judgement as to the definition of ‘public office’ in the context of the offence of misconduct in a public office.

R v Gosney (2007) All ER (D) 21 – Directions to be given to the jury in circumstances in which an unrepresented defendant volunteers his own bad character to the jury.

R v H (2003) UKHL 1 – Compatibility of the fitness-to-plead legislation with Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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