Pleading Fundamental Dishonest – Mustard v Flower [2021] EWHC 846 (QB)

Whether or not to plead fundamental dishonesty is a question that practitioners often face when representing defendants in claims arising from road traffic accidents.
The judgment in Mustard v Flower [2021] EWHC 846 (QB) is a salient reminder to defendants that they must be careful when applying to amend pleadings to include fundamental dishonesty. It follows that defendants would be better advised to focus on drafting pleadings to allow for sufficient cross-examination at trial.

Pollution; climate change; much more to be done

In May 2019 I spoke at a seminar about the case of AB v HM Assistant Coroner for Inner South London (CO/663/2019). At that time the High Court had just ordered a fresh inquest into the death of Ella Roberta Adoo-Kissi-Debrah. She died in February 2013, aged 9, from a severe asthma attack. She lived […]